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The Meteo team is compiling a FAQ answer page that will be available online and in future releases of Meteo.

Most reported problems

Please leave us a comment on the forum with any questions you might have. Download now from the downloads page. Among the problems are crashes and never-ending "Loading Unfortunately, sourceforge. Version 1. Plus: I've fixed the Dock, re-enabled automatic updates, and redirected Meteo's debug output to a separate log file.

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This change prevents Meteo from parsing and displaying forecasts correctly. Only limited information is displayed current temperature. The weather. Reports from Canadian, European, and US locations confirm the bad news. Unfortunately it takes a while to fix it. It's rather frustrating, too In version 2 it should be very easy to add support for NOAA to Meteo -- though this probably will not help international users. Complete News Archives.

Meteorologist The Weatherman without the man. Meteo rologist is a free weather program for Mac OS X.


It works on To get the latest version, visit their site. Changes: Correct crash when rotating cities and all cities are not in use Correct crash if first city was empty Correct crash if all locations were empty Download version 3. Changes: Correct Yahoo! Add detection of wake from sleep to avoid some wifi problems. Detect and report but can't auto-resolve Yahoo! OAuth errors in the Console log along with other possible validation errors.

Update Yahoo! This time for X-Yahoo-App-Id. Add support for Yahoo! Update source code to Swift 5 and Xcode Updated OhhAuth to latest version. Meteo does not retain or share on your location. Updated display of Preferences window, now tabbed. Clean up a few memory leaks.

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Logging of message is now ON by default for new users. Received notice that Wunderground. Changes: Now requires macOS Changes: Change in processing for OpenWeatherMap. All users must update their location.

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  4. New option to display date instead of day in extended forecast. Changes: Correct a mistake in French translation Download version 3. Changes: Xcode 9. Changes: Correct alignment of Forecast weather. Correct link for Yahoo!

    -- Meteorologist Classic --

    Correct Wunderground location format. If you are using Dark Sky , your update frequency will be a minimum of 60 minutes. Add option to reset preferences. Changes: Correct problems with Last Update for Yahoo and OpenWeatherMap Correct for wind direction for WeatherUnderground Meteorologist is fully localized for the French language thanks Manfred APIXU now has localized current and forecast conditions but not other terms Dark Sky now has localized current and forecast conditions but not other terms If you are using Dark Sky , your update frequency will be a minimum of 30 minutes.

    Changes: Fix launch failure on Add "Loading Changes: Update provided by Eric W. Changes: Correct setting of Preference Version. Changes: OpenWeatherMap is dropping data causing crashes.

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    If experiencing empty data, wait and try to refresh in a little while. Changes: Prevent crash if invalid icon from OpenWeather display "unknown" icon Display "unknown" icon from Yahoo if necessary Download version 2. No more PPC. Requires OS X Get Radar working again. Fix alignment with Extended Forecast. Add Show Humidity option. Remove white dot in Mission Control. Changes: Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible. Update find cities location. Changes: Correct French localization thanks to xf Corrected a problem reading an older preference file.

    Correct a problem where only the last of multiple weather alerts were being sent to the alert. Changes: Fix crashes when adding a new city. Fix Xcode options to allow Universal builds again. Changes: Add Portuguese localization. Make the panels smaller, credit card size with with a clickfor enlarged reading if wanted and allow, with one click, to display on the screen, all locations at the same time and with one click return them to the dock icon. These need, when displayed, to over lay any thing already on the desktop screennot as i am experiencing that they hide behind anything currently on the screen.

    Make the panels moveable on the screen. Could stand a lot of improvements. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description Always stay up to date with the weather with a stylish weather widget on your desktop! May 8, Version 3. Size Category Weather. Compatibility OS X Price Free.