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Office for Mac has a number of limitations compared to Office for Windows.

Outlook also does not allow the user to disable Cached Exchange Mode, unlike the Windows version, and it is therefore not possible to connect to an Exchange Server without downloading a local cache of mail and calendar data. Office for Mac also has a shorter lifecycle than Office , with support phasing out on October 10, Two editions are available to the general public. The Standard edition is only available through Volume Licensing.

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Microsoft announced Office in Access to beta versions was by invitation only, [22] although leaked copies were circulated among Mac file sharing websites. The final version was released to manufacturing on September 10, , [24] was available to volume license customers a day later, [25] and made available to the general public on October 26, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Install and Use Add-Ins in Office 2011 for Mac

September 24, Retrieved November 4, Microsoft Office for Mac. Retrieved November 5, Retrieved November 7, Microsoft Office Press. Retrieved November 19, By now, you probably know that Microsoft is releasing Office , the latest version of its productivity suite, on October What you may not know is whether or not you should buy that suite when it arrives.

There's no special upgrade pricing, unless you bought Office after August 1, , in which case you can upgrade for free.

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If, for example, you add things like conditional formatting, sparklines, or pivot tables to a spreadsheet on your Mac, they should appear exactly the same on a Windows machine. More significantly, now that Visual Basic for Applications is back on the Mac, you can feel confident that macros you create on your Mac will work fine for anyone else, regardless of their machine. More on that in a bit.

Visual Basic Editor (VBA) Updates for Excel for Mac 2016

The list goes on: There are tons of new features in Office that, cumulatively, should be worth the price of admission for all but the tightest of tightwads. Sure, if you use Google Docs primarily because it makes your documents available from any computer, you might consider using Office in conjunction with SkyDrive or SharePoint.

Office Patches Mend SharePoint, Visual Basic, and Mac Specific Flaws

I have just one major caveat in recommending Office the new licensing system. Unlike previous versions, Microsoft Office validates each product key and locks it to a single computer. Microsoft has done this in order to protect itself against piracy. The problem is, the change will heavily impact legitimate Office users.

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