Hide unhide files on mac

Launch Automator, located in the Applications folder. Select Service as the type of template to use for your new Automator task, and click the Choose button. In the Library pane, make sure Actions is selected, then underneath the Library item, click Utilities.

How to Show Hidden Files on Mac with a Keyboard Shortcut

This will filter the available workflow types to just those relating to utilities. In the filtered list of actions, click Run Shell Script and drag it to the workflow pane. Set the ' Service receives selected ' to ' files or folders. Copy the entire shell script command that we created above all six lines , and use it to replace any text that may already be present in the Run Shell Script box.

From the Automator file menu, select Save , and then give the service a name. The name you select will appear as the menu item. We call ours Toggle Hidden Files.

Hide Desktop Files on Mac: Make Your Desktop Look Free of Garbage

After saving the Automator service, you can quit Automator. Open a Finder window. Right-click any file or folder.

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The Finder will toggle the state of hiding files, causing hidden files and folders to display or be hidden depending on their current condition. Continue Reading. CleanMyMac X scans your Mac, identifies this system junk and allows you to quickly and easily get rid of it, potentially several gigabytes of disk space. If you still want to view hidden files on your Mac, you need to go to the Finder and do the following:. With both these methods, your Library folder will disappear again when you close the Finder window.


That will create a shortcut to it that will persist. Now that you know how to view hidden files and folders on your Mac, you may be wondering how you can hide other files or folders, to keep them away from prying eyes. There are a number of third-party applications and utilities that offer to do this for you, but you can do it yourself in Terminal, like this:. The file or folder you dragged onto the Terminal window will now be hidden.

To see it again, use one of the methods described above to see hidden files. To make the file visible permanently again, use the steps above, but in step 2 type: chflags nohidden. As you can see, viewing hidden files and folders on your Mac is very straightforward. There are a number of ways to do it, and you can make them visible temporarily or permanently.

If you want to declutter your Mac or uninstall applications, use a dedicated application like CleanMyMac X.

How to Hide Files on Mac and Show Them Again When You Need? | DefragMac

It will safely remove all useless files, add-ons, broken login items, caches, large and old files you didn't know about. Most likely, you won't even need to look for hidden files — CleanMyMac will do all the job for you.

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  • Easy And Quick Methods To Show Hidden Files On MacOS - The Mac Smack.
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That folder is hidden by default, but you can view it or make it permanently visible using the techniques described above. How To. Blog How To News.

How to Show Hidden Files on Mac

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