How to safely remove usb cable from mac

How do I know when I actually need to eject a drive?

None of Apple's latest laptops come with regular USB ports

This is one of those questions that has a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is this: you should probably always eject a drive before removing it, even if the context menu doesn't have an eject option. Mac and Linux will always provide you a way to eject a drive, but like you said, Sometimes Windows doesn't have an obvious "Eject" button for certain drives.

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On Windows, click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray, choose your drive from the list, and then remove it once it notifies you of its safe removal. Now, the long answer: In Windows, you can sometimes remove a flash drive without ejecting. Here's a bit more information on how computers deal with USB drives.

How to eject a disk properly on OS X | Macworld

Obviously, yanking out a drive while it's being written to could corrupt the data. However, even if the drive isn't actively being written to, you could still corrupt the data. By default, most operating systems use what's called write caching to get better performance out of your computer.

When you write a file to another drive—like a flash drive—the OS waits to actually perform those actions until it has a number of requests to fulfill, and then it fulfills them all at once this is more common when writing small files.

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When you hit that eject button, it tells your OS to flush the cache—that is, make sure all pending actions have been performed—so you can safely unplug the drive without any data corruption. Mac and Linux use write caching on pretty much all drives, and will let you eject any drive through your file manager. This is how any OS rolls A few OSs ago the shortcut command-delete could be used, same as for trashing a file, for whatever reason, the Apple geniuses decided to remove it. I get these errors often and while I have not lost data, I do have to power cycle the drive to get it remounted and the process is a big nuisance.

I access the Mac remotely for AppleTV so manually ejecting and sleeping is not a viable option.

Any help would be appreciated. What does that have to do with anything? Getting the ejection error has happened to us all before.

TechTalk: Safely Eject USB Drive from macOS Sierra

It took me exactly twice and luckily without losing any data before it was ingrained in me to eject it before I remove it. He is simply trying to pass the responsibility of the user to someone else. Pushing off responsibility? WTH are you talking about? The guy was just offering a suggestion to improve the reliability of a product.

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  • By your logic, HDD manufacturers should stop including any type of shock protection too. If you drop your laptop, you should accept responsibility for your crashed HDD… you dropped it after all. Why should manufacturers try to make a better, more reliable and problem-free product? If you unplug an external drive without ejecting it first, you deserve to lose data for your reckless behavior. Am I right here, Leafsley? Why should companies make scratch-resistant touchscreen panels? Waterproof mobile phones? Antilock brakes? Backup parachutes?

    Windows takes care of it. Perhaps Apple too stupid to do it. Only problem is, the error message appears after hubby already jerked the usb memory device out. Sucks to be us. Lots of data lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My family asks about these alerts like once a week, I would prefer that OS X just builds in some safety mechanism or caching to prevent an issue if the drive is sitting unused and gets pulled out.

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    How to Eject USB Devices and Memory Cards in macOS

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    What if a disk won’t eject?

    Answer: A: Answer: A: It is ok and normal to just plug and unplug these devices mouse, printer as needed. Storage devices e. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. You may disconnect your mouse or your printer by pulling the plug. No problem.