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Second verse, same as the first: The latest inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display is identical in design to last year's model, packing the same slim aluminum chassis and black-bordered display that have defined Apple's highest-end notebook for years. The MacBook Pro continues to be one of the most seamless-looking notebooks in its category, with two subtle stereo speakers flanking the laptop's signature black chiclet keyboard. The MacBook's underside sports a set of barely noticeable vents on either side, with the iconic glowing Apple logo adorning the lid.

Measuring Dell's latest XPS 15 The laptop's gorgeous The trailer for Star Wars: The MacBook Pro's display registered a satisfying nits on our brightness test, outshining the MSI WS60 nits and our nit mainstream notebook average. Still, Apple's notebook exhibited strong color accuracy, with a Delta E score of 2.

That's far more accurate than the MSI The MacBook's speakers are crisp, clear and loud enough to fill a small meeting room. The rocking bass, thumping horns and soaring vocals of Fall Out Boy's "Irresistible" came through cleanly, as did the iconic orchestral score that played during the Star Wars trailer.

This new 4 x 3-inch trackpad doesn't actually physically click, instead using force sensors and haptic feedback to simulate the sensation. One of Force Touch's main benefits is the ability to perform a Force click, which activates special functions when you press extra-hard on the pad.

For example, Force clicking a link on a website lets you preview that page in a small window, while doing so on highlighted text will pop up a dictionary definition or Wikipedia entry. Force click also allows for pressure-sensitive commands; you can fast-forward through iMovie or QuickTime videos at different speeds based on how hard you're pressing the pad. This also applies to pressing the touchpad to zoom in and out of maps.

Overall, I found the Force Touch functions handy and responsive. Performing a standard click felt a little too resistant to me at first, but I was able to adjust that easily by switching the click sensitivity from Firm to Light in the Trackpad settings menu. After a while, it was easy to forget that the trackpad lacked a traditional click button.

The newest MacBook Pro retains its predecessors' satisfyingly snappy island keys, complete with a handy function row with keys for adjusting brightness and volume, toggling music playback and pulling up Mission Control to view all open apps. As a longtime Mac user, chopping away on the new MacBook Pro was like riding a bike. Thanks to the keys' fluid 1. Apple's newest MacBook Pro retains the company's dependable p FaceTime webcam, which captured my skin tone and the strands of my scraggly beard with accuracy. If you want to spice up your photos, the notebook's Photo Booth app offers a handful of filters, silly effects and custom backgrounds.

Similarities and Differences compared to the Predecessor

I multitasked with ease on the notebook, edited an iMovie video and streamed some Netflix with a dozen Safari tabs open, and experienced no notable slowdown in the process. The MacBook Pro racked up a whopping 14, on the Geekbench 3 performance test, surpassing 4th-gen Core i7-powered competitors such as the XPS 15 11, and the WS60 13, , the 5th-gen Core i7 ZBook 15u 6, , and our 9, mainstream notebook average. Apple promises exponentially better flash performance with the refreshed MacBook Pro's next-generation PCIe-based flash storage, and the computer delivers.

Having this kind of flash storage will make finding files amidst huge libraries a snap.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina 15 (Mid ) Review - Reviews

The new MacBook Pro's flash performance crushes the The MacBook Pro took 4 minutes and 14 seconds to match 20, names to their addresses, outpacing our 5: A lower-cost configuration with integrated Intel Iris Pro graphics is also available. Our AMD-powered unit certainly doesn't disappoint; 3D titles rendered instantly in Final Cut Pro, allowing me to preview them as soon as I dropped them into a video. It took just 7 minutes to analyze and convert 1 minute and 48 seconds of p footage into a half-speed slow-motion clip using Optical Flow.

This intensive Final Cut Pro feature adds frames to a video to give the illusion that it was recorded with a high-speed camera. While our MacBook Pro with integrated Iris Pro graphics was similarly quick to render 3D titles, the notebook took a notably longer 10 hours and 46 minutes to perform the same Optical Flow conversion. The MacBook Pro with Retina is suitable for mainstream gaming, running World of Warcraft at x at a smooth 66 frames per second and a still-playable 37 fps with the graphics kicked to Ultra. The MacBook even handled the game at a manageable 40 fps at its native x resolution an auto settings.

You can count on the MacBook Pro to stay relatively cool while you work. You have to press halfway down or lower to get a satisfactory click on the standard clickpad, but the Force Touch trackpad feels the same when you press the top corners as it does in the middle. This also means you can choose between three different click strengths — light, medium and heavy. Heavy feels the closest to current mechanical clickpads, medium feels more precise and less clunky, while light is arguably too subtle.

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina (2015): Unboxing & Review

Apple MacBook Pro Everything you need to know. The Force Click options are interesting rather than groundbreaking. The best is the ability to seek faster through videos by pressing harder.

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There are five levels of speed, starting at 2x and ending with 60x, and each is greeted by a subtle yet obvious response. It feels a bit like stepping on a creaking floorboard — the harder you press, the more it gives a little. The Force Click method is more precise and tactile than clunkily jamming at the fast-forward button or guessing using the progress bar.

Boot Camp and Windows 8.1

This is the best example of Force Click, but most Force Click actions use just the two levels — i. Force Clicking on a word brings up a dictionary definition, while clicking on a link or address will bring up a preview window of the page or a map. The manufacturer is very proud of the fact that the transfer rates of the new drives are supposedly twice as fast as before — a promise that we will check later.

And this is actually a problem: The CPU does at least start at 3. As a result, the clock drops to around 2. Single thread benchmarks are executed with around 3. Overall, we can say that the MacBook Pro can convince with a lot of performance reserves, but it cannot really take advantage of the CPUs that are very costly compared to the rivals. The advertised doubling of the SSD performance is therefore true, although in practice, this will only be a benefit when you copy large files.

Unfortunately, the SSD does not support the modern NVMe standard, which includes a more efficient administration of parallel accesses, but only uses the conventional AHCI protocol to communicate with the system. It does not matter if you use OS X or Windows: A switch to the current generation can still pay off thanks to longer battery runtimes and faster GPUs. The term "new" should however, be used very carefully, because the underlying Cape-Verde chip is actually more than three years old announcement: February on the desktop Radeon HD The powerful quad-core manages even 4K videos smoothly depending on the bitrate, but this solution is certainly not very efficient and can also result in a very audible fan noise.

Ordinary H. Even though the differences fluctuate significantly from game to game, our gaming benchmarks confirm the previous statement: Unfortunately, the MX is not powerful enough for the native display resolution, so it is recommended that you reduce the resolution to x in combination with medium graphics settings. Unfortunately, the MacBook Pro is affected by a very annoying problem when you use Windows, which results in frame rate drops during prolonged gaming sessions: The clock often fluctuates between and MHz, but occasionally drops to MHz.

Even though the two chassis fans already run at rpm while idling, our review unit is almost silent. Even moderate workloads like browsing the web, picture editing or light multitasking do not really increase the noise levels — a very remarkable performance for such a slim quad-core notebook, which is mainly a result of the defensive fan curve. The fan speed and noise level will continuously rise up to rpm and 46 dB A , respectively, in 3DMark 06 or in our stress test. This might be quite loud on paper, but the low frequency and consistent murmur is subjectively much quieter than it really is.

Thanks to the slow but continuous spinning of the fans, the manufacturer does not have a problem with the temperature development in everyday use. The chassis never gets inconveniently warm or even hot, and it is no problem to use the device on your lap.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina 15 (Mid 2015) Review

The situation is better than expected under load: Once we had noticed some occasional GPU throttling, it is hardly surprising that the losses in the stress test are even more dramatic. As you would expect from a very expensive multimedia notebook, the MacBook is equipped with two decent stereo speakers that are more than sufficient for occasional video or music playback. The maximum volume and the bass are slightly above average, the speakers are very clear and there are no distortions at the highest volume.

While the inch device is quite frugal with 6. This is also the reason for the previously mentioned differences in terms of system noise and temperature development. The watt power adaptor is hardly adequate and limits the consumption to around 90 watts — which means that the MacBook cannot maintain the maximum clock for the CPU and the GPU simultaneously, even when the temperatures are very low. However, the temperature development will result in throttling after a couple of minutes anyway, so it would not make much sense to replace the PSU with a more powerful model.

Our measurement device only showed around 72 watts at the end of the stress test. The generously sized battery capacity of the predecessor has been further increased for the new model and is now specified with an enormous We cannot confirm the advertised runtime of 9 hours, at least in our practical test. Because of the higher power consumption, the battery will only last for less than 5 hours when you use Windows 8. Depending on the load you can realize much longer idling OS X and minimum brightness: A full recharge of the battery takes about 2.