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I hate programming shortkeys in premier. Sorry, I can't take that seriously. A nice effort, but it needs to be reviewed by someone who knows the software better.

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Only wish they had created one for Audition Twenty years ago, Avid MC allowed you to map your keyboard. Not just short cuts, but menu items too. So, I mapped the moves I used the most. Seemed sensible. Since then, NLE's came in and out of my life like lovers, but my moves worked for them all. When I ran screaming from that 'overly attached magnetic' girlfriend, into the familiar arms of Premiere Pro, i just brought my moves, and it was like FCP8.

I have a question concerning your Avid background. I don't think you'll find a lot in common, but there may be a few. I stopped using Avid in , so I'm not gonna be the best resource. Gud post read this one too Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You need to know. Here you can check all the major updates of the Satta King.

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The tilde key. Jonathon Sendall Stories. Ben Hilton DP, Editor. John D. Smith Cinematographer.

Part 2: The Other Ways to Start Quickly Editing in After Effects

Reload selected footage items. Set proxy for selected footage item. Delete all effects from selected layers. Apply most recently applied effect to selected layers.

How to Easily Replace Layers in After Effects

Apply most recently applied animation preset to selected layers. Select layer by its number enter digits rapidly for two-digit and three-digit numbers. Toggle selection of layer by its number enter digits rapidly for two-digit and three-digit numbers. Select next layer in stacking order. Select previous layer in stacking order.

Extend selection to next layer in stacking order. Extend selection to previous layer in stacking order. Scroll topmost selected layer to top of Timeline panel. Show or hide Layer Switches and Modes columns. Turn off all other solo switches. Turn Video eyeball switch on or off for selected layers. Turn off Video switch for all video layers other than selected layers. Open settings dialog box for selected solid, light, camera, null, or adjustment layer. Paste layers at current time. Split selected layers.

Open Effect Controls panel for selected layers. Open layer in Layer panel opens source composition for precomposition layer in Composition panel. Open source of a layer in Footage panel opens precomposition layer in Layer panel.

After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

Option-double-click a layer. Reverse selected layers in time. Enable time remapping for selected layers. Move selected layers so that their In point or Out point is at the current time. Trim In point or Out point of selected layers to current time. Add or remove expression for a property.

Add an effect or multiple selected effects to selected layers. Set In point or Out point by time-stretching. Move selected layers so that their In point is at beginning of composition.

Check Out These 30 After Effects Shortcuts

Move selected layers so that their Out point is at end of composition. Set Quality to Best, Draft, or Wireframe for selected layers. Cycle forward or backward through blending modes for selected layers. Toggle expansion of selected layers to show all properties. Toggle expansion of property group and all child property groups to show all properties. Ctrl-click triangle to the left of the property group name.

go to link Command-click triangle to the left of the property group name. Show only Audio Levels property. Show only Mask Feather property. Show only Mask Path property. Show only Mask Opacity property.

Show only Opacity property for lights, Intensity. Show only Position property. Show only Rotation and Orientation properties. Show only Time Remap property. Show only instances of missing effects. Show only Effects property group. Show only mask property groups.