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The software sports an easy-to-use web console where users can quickly create and manage databases. Users get access to a range of provisioning choices and pre-packaged bundles, including options for DevOps, performance, security, analytics and monitoring. The Microsoft Azure Cloud offers a wide range of database software and management options, hardly surprising as Microsoft has been a leading developer of database for decades.

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While home users may or may not! The Microsoft Azure Cloud platform is already an industry leading service, but databases and database management remain core to that. And while some users may feel overwhelmed by the many options in Azure, the one that allows databases to be fully managed can provide some relief.

Pricing is dependent upon the actual Azure services being subscribed to, but estimates are available allow with introductory offers to help ease new users into the Azure ecosystem. TechRadar pro IT insights for business.

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Back to School Best database software 1. TeamDesk 2. Knack 3. TablePlus 4.

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Oracle Database Cloud Service 5. Microsoft Azure Cloud Read on for our detailed analysis of each app.

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Build your templates in seconds, with a simple yet intelligent drag and drop Visual Editor. You'll be up and running in no time at all. Configure your form fields to ensure the correct data is entered where it should be. Display, collect, edit and sort your data in a flexible spreadsheet view.

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This useful view allows you to display all your data in a compact and single view. Starts using Records from choosing one of the 30 available and ready to use templates.

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  • Easily import and export your data using the CSV file format, Bento's users are welcome. The new useful Star Rating field allows to choose from a range of rating values. Each database allows to configure the print paper orientation from portrait to landscape. The user interface in Records is massively updated to take advantage from macOS Another great feature is the ability to share your work with friends and colleagues via email, in several formats. When you receive the file, you can import data immediately into the iDatabase for Mac, iPad or iPhone!

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    Skip to content. Buy iDatabase. Ready to use Create collections and inventories with a click. Create a database for anything Creating databases on your Mac has never been easier.

    Item picker fields are used as a means of selecting one choice from a list of two or many. A calculation field can be a result of addition, multiplication, ratio and subtraction.


    Make your life easier Let iDatabase filter the records for you.