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View full description. Softonic review Advertisement. Aerofly FS is a program that tries to offer a realistic flying experience.

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Prison Architect Build and maintain your own prison in this unique strategy game. Car Mechanic Simulator A dream simulator designed for car enthusiasts. Extreme Landings Pro A flight simulation game that looks quite real. Capitalism 2 Start From Nothing. Build Your Way Up. The scenery is bad with no reference to any known landscape or buildings in an area. On the plus side of X-Plane11, the aircraft are very easy to fly and they handle well, much better than FXW aircraft.

This is why I gave it a 4 star rating. A better computer will make this program a five star product.

Can you handle the challenge of Air Traffic Control?

X-Plane11 has a FAA approved version also. Stu After I loaded X-Plane 11 in a new computer, the program came alive. Outstanding flight simulator. Highly recommend X-Plane X-Plane Regional:North America This is a 5 star program if you are serious about flying because the computer modeling is very close to how the real planes fly.


If you just want to "yank and bank" or shoot things down, look for something else. See All Buying Options. Flight Unlimited. Flight Unlimited takes place in two airports somewhere in Vermont and somewhere in France. Your job in this game is to successfully test and fly these airplanes without crashing and safely landing them. The graphics should improve though. The water and land just looks like big pixels.

If you are doing a flight simulator with no practice and trying for the real thing, you have a radar of the commander to aid you on your quest to successfully fly and land airplanes. You should get this game if you are big fan of planes. Flying and landing may sound boring, but just think how difficult it is to get over the mountains Available Now. Currently unavailable. The sealed plastic of the DVD case was meticulously cut open sufficiently enough to remove and open the clamshell case containing the dvds.

If the software has been previously registered, I will return the software for a refund.


What a different flight experience. Cool crash sounds for the occasional muffed landing,or hitting a mountain top while in clouds. Even with a lot of hours on its competitor I found this one a challenge to getting air born without getting a bill for a dozen taxi lights. The scenery seemed to be more complex than X but not to many actual real landmarks. I am really pleased with this and all the add-on's available on the net. This is a great sim for those interested in flying. At least for me.

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I have an iMac G5 with OS When I started to play this game, I noticed that it takes a while to load, and the response time is high. It also froze and program completely shut down right in the middle of it. I'm not a stupid guy either, but I can't even get my plane off the ground! Like 1. I could,t get the plane to move either. On a MacBook Pro 2. Addenum to previous review: FPS counter does work, but is unlabelled and hard to find.

Perhaps it shouldn't be on the instrument panel Necessary to exit game to change plane.

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Mysterious crash program, not the plane after changing planes opening dialog box, splash screen, sound, then nothing. Does detect ground collisions, but only with landing gear down. Plane can get stuck at odd angles, only option is to reset the simulator. Some menus do work, but many settings don't appear to do anything. Default controller setting maps the throttle to the joystick "Z-axis". Still runs like a cow and I don't mean with bells on. And it was a , not a It still flies underground, though, and it feels way too responsive more like a Lear Jet. I've played this on FreeBSD on both a thinkpad and a desktop machine.

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The last stable version from my experience was 0. After that, it has been very unstable memory leaks and crashes regularly.


So it doesn't surprise me that the OS X port gives people a bad taste in their mouth. The keyboard interface is hard to get used to but it did work at one point. Serious flyers used a joystick. Hopefully, they'll get the bugs worked out