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Activity Timer is a simple task timer app for Mac without any fully-fledged window. You can access the Activities and Timer sections from the menu-bar interface. Activity Timer lets you add multiple activities at once and run them individually. To run the app, you can choose between time presets like 3, 5, 25 minutes or make your own custom intervals.

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Once the timer starts, it shows the remaining time on the icon itself. Activity Timer for Mac is a perfect choice if you love minimalism.

Setting Birthday and Events Alert

Check Out Activity Timer Free. Like the first one, hr is an ultra-simple timer app for Mac. It too functions from the menu bar, which is great. Compared to Activity Timer, however, hr app offers a lot of features like Task categories and Tasks. You can use gestures to manage the to-do list-based activities list. Unlike most of the tools here, hr app offers multiple viewing modes, session management, and stats that are completely accurate.

You can use the app for basic time-tracking needs as well. The best part is that you have a nice way to look at the to-do tasks. The design is simple and you can customize almost every part of the program. Pomodoro is a time-management technique involving certain breaks at set times. To get started, you choose a task and then work on it for 25 minutes, next take 5 minutes break and again start the minutes session.

Once you have taken four minutes sessions, take a long break. However, despite the simple interface, focus booster lets you customize things like length of session, break duration etc. You can also sign into an account and sync time-tracking data between your macOS, iPhone, and Android. Nevertheless, we wished there was a menu-bar icon for the app. You will have to open the app to know how much time you have left.

Also, focus booster does not let you add multiple tasks at once. On the bright side, you can have the better workflow, thanks to multi-platform apps. Overall, focus booster is the best choice if you need a simple Pomodoro timer with analytics. Pomotodo, as the name suggests, combines an excellent Pomodoro timer and a task-management list.

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You can add tasks to the simple interface and also start the Pomodoro timer. However, when the timer is running, you can mark the tasks complete. Pomotodo has options like Analytics, Stats, Goals, and History. You can go to Preferences and customize the way this timer app works.

In addition, Pomotodo also brings multi-device sync and a fully-fledged time management system. Pomotodo is more than a simple Mac timer app. It offers ample options for time management as well as Pomodoro technique use. There are important things that you wait for. The following Mac timer apps will let you set a countdown and bring the visual impact. WaitingList does exactly what its name says. It lets you create amazing countdown timers that you can find in the menu bar.

10 Essential Widgets for the OS X Dashboard

As opposed to other apps, WaitingList prioritizes visual appeal over anything. The point is that you can create eye-pleasing countdowns easily. Create a reminder with Siri on your iDevice and Aurora will automatically create an alarm from it.

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Aurora is an application to wake you and your Mac. Wake up every morning to the sound of your favorite iTunes playlist instead of that annoying alarm clock. When the night comes, no more need to count sheep. Aurora helps you fall asleep to the sound of your favorite tunes or a movie. The best way to find out if Aurora suits your needs is to download the latest version and try the demonstration mode.

Also, make sure you read the following to learn about all the amazing features. Set up as many weekly or daily alarms as you need, select a playlist for each one and you're good to go. Snooze alarm playback and get a few more precious minutes of rest before the alarm goes off again. Aurora's dock icon shows you the next alarm time, even when Aurora is not running, so you can tell when your alarm will go off in a glance. Your Mac is not within reach of your bed? No problem! Apple may provide or recommend responses as a Use it to wake you up within the morning, ship and compose e-mails, remind you of appointments, randomize the iTunes choice, management an web radio station, and even time your baking!

World Clock for Mac is easy to use and allows users to see the current time Awaken turns your Mac into the ultimate music alarm clock and sleep timer. Alarms - Wake up to your music or any of the built-in sounds - larms can be set to run once, weekly, or on a specific date - Gradually fade in the music volume and screen brightness - Launch applications or files at alarm time - Full screen mode for viewing alarms at a Use it to remind you to catch the bus or attend an upcoming meeting.

It is modeled after xalarm in functionality. Get a small clock for your Dashboard. Apple is providing links to these applications as a courtesy, and makes no representations regarding the applications or any information related thereto.

15 Best Alarm Clock Apps

What's New in Flip Clock. Version 1. Get the FlipClock widget. Mac users interested in Os x clock generally download: Status Clock 1. Discover Alarm Clocks on Amazon.

How to Set an Alarm on Mac OS X

Our Clocks category offers a great selection of Alarm Clocks and more. Free Shipping on Prime eligible orders. Just choose for how long you'd like to listen to your music, and, if you want to, set up the alarm clock ; iSleep will care for the rest. Alarms can wake your computer from sleep, play any playlist in iTunes, and gradually increase the song volume. PowerController runs in the background and is configurable through System Preferences, so ….

Download Awaken 6. Programmable alarm clock that uses iTunes. Awake is an alarm clock for Mac that is capable of turning on the computer as long , and play a podcast, or playlist from iTunes as a ringtone. No, you do not have to get up and go to the computer to turn off the alarm. Apple Remote turns. SpeakTime is a speaking clock application for OS X Timer is a complete and professional stopwatch, alarm clock, timer and clock utility for Mac TinyAlarm is a tiny alarm clock for your menu bar.

Android and Mac apps. Plum Amazing has provided apps worldwide since the last century. Mac Os X Need some cool tools to do a bit more out of your Mac such as an alarm clock. Free games for mac os x Torrent search results for 'mac os x 10 4 ppc iso'.