Importing photos from iphone to mac slow

It then finds photos and videos that are duplicated on both devices. As a result, you can select and remove images and video files from your iPhone which have been already saved on Mac.

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Learn More. You are here: Home How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac The latest iPhone models keep producing better and better camera pictures. Open the Image Capture application from Launchpad Select your device from the left section and you will see all your media files. The photos will be copied to iPhoto album and you will be asked whether to delete them from the phone or not. For that, we have the following two ways to attain the task.

Your iPhone will appear under the list of devices on the left. Just select the pics you want and click on import. In fact pretty much the way you have been doing it on windows to transfer iPhone pics. You can also delete as many pics as you want by clicking the small red button in the bottom. How could we miss this out.

Preview lets you view practically anything on the Mac right? Right from PDFs to images. Hit the file menu and click on import from iPhone. The name of the device depends on what you called your iPhone in iTunes. The process of importing and deleting pictures remains same as that in the previous case of Image Capture. Go ahead and try it out for yourself. If you run into any issue feel free to use the comment box. Apple released Photos for Mac as a replacement for iPhoto earlier this year.

For most people, the transition was smooth and Photos has been a great upgrade to a much more modern and streamlined app. After using the new app for several months without issue, I recently ran into a problem that prevented my iPhone photos from showing up on my Mac. It seemed to start a couple weeks ago, as I noticed my most recent pictures were missing from the Photos library. Click the iCloud tab and ensure the My Photo Stream box is checked. The My Photo Stream option should be turned on there. If both of these are already set correctly, follow the steps below:.

Like what you see? Subscribe via RSS , email , or Twitter! Only worked for my iPad; not iPhone. Any clues?? It worked straightaway. I would never have known how to do this without your assistance.

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Many thanks. I dont know why you stopped writing in this blog. YOu have excellent collection of tutorials for mac. Please consider starting to blog again. So many useful problem-solving articles. Based on all the positive replies to this fix, I was very hopeful this would solve the problem, but sadly it did not.

I have been having this issue for about a year now and the solution works each time but it continues to pop up. I have a Macbook Pro running Sierra.

How to Quickly Import Photos from iPhone to PC

Any ongoing solutions that you may have? Really helpful info. Thank you. Worked brilliant, have been beating my head against desk all day trying to find out what to do and this answered it in seconds. It worked!!! Thanks for the steps. This issue was perplexing me for a few days, found these well written steps, tried for iPhone and Mac, and it worked in the first try. But for one of my iPads it did not work. After upgrading, repeated the steps and it worked.

Frustrated, my photos stop loading and I have to repeat these steps again and again. Anyone experienced this?

What did you do about it? This is a great workaround but I find myself having to repeat these steps all the time. Any advice on how to fix the problem permanently? I have the same problem as bbarr. Works one time then not the next and i have to do it again.

Unfortunately this did not work for me …my photos used to share across all of my iOS devices and appear on my mac almost as soon as they were taken. Any other solutions other than to quit the processes? Did not work. My photos used to automatically transfer to the iPhoto app. Really disappointed. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.