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Dec 20, AM in response to intiside In response to intiside. Assuming you are using a mouse not a Magic Trackpad look in the mouse's prefences. You can find them in System Preferences - Mouse. Dec 20, AM. Dec 20, AM in response to rkaufmann87 In response to rkaufmann I'm not sure it's possible within the OS, but maybe one of these apps free will enable that functionality. I don't use either myself, but I've seen people on here singing their praises:.

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Dec 20, PM. The Logitech control panel should allow you to assign double-click to the scroll wheel button if it has one of course.

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Jan 13, PM in response to intiside In response to intiside. I'll give you my Magic Mouse which springs open every file I click on. I hate it.

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I'm trying to find a way to shut off that feature. I do a lot of navigating through files and when every time I click on the file and it opens, it just wastes time. Yep that works for me. Thank you!

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I too am having this issue on Mojave, click and no shoot, having to double click in the menu. Have you guys ever tried to tab out and then tab back in. This solved the issue on High-Sierra.

BinaryWork referenced this issue Dec 9, Open left mouse clicks just get dropped in osx Change video settings to windowed, then back to fullscreen fix it for me. Just fresh installed the game here, this bug appeared right away Same here, CSGO developers please fix the bug. I'm putting this here rather than in a new issue as it seems likely connected. Still an issue. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.


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Let’s get rid of double-clicking! It is slow, inconsistent and not accessible.

I often use this method to subtract files from selections. All files in between will be automatically included in your selection. However, you can make your selection in the List view, for example, then switch to the Icon view knowing your files will remain selected. Alternatively, use the click-and-dragging method. You must click near the first file to drag the selection, not its icon or name.

As you may have noticed, the Finder thoughtfully indents item names a bit for your convenience. Such design consideration lets you click and hold the empty area next to the file name so that you can safely perform dragging action without accidentally moving the item to a new location.

Click-and-drag to select a contiguous group of items in a Finder window like a pro.

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The aforementioned file-selection methods can be combined and chained together, making complex selections effortless and allowing you to quickly exclude a single item from the selection, deselect a range of files with a few clicks and so forth.