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How to Set up a Mac Address in NetGear Using an Arris Modem

If the router had already been connected to a cable modem, then after cloning a new MAC address into the WAN port, you must perform the procedures of Swapping computers on the cable modem. Installer issues. MAC addresses.

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Latency issues. Packet loss. Also, perhaps more importantly, it doesn't look like Untangle supports MAC address cloning. You're talking about the modem, OP is talking about what's behind it.

Comcast knows your cable modem's MAC for provisioning but not the customer side. They do push a profile to the modem that limits the customer side MAC limit to "1" but rebooting the modem clears that.

You can attempt to set your WAN interface to Sounds like you've got another problem. I just went through it a couple weeks ago when I upgraded to gigabit. I did goof on the MAC to profile thing, you are correct that is the modem bit. At any rate, doing that is a dead simple procedure which would rule out some localized locking, taking a minute at most. That would still be fine as long as it is not intended to be used again on the WAN network where your Untangle firewall WAN port connects. In other words, unless you want it to also be a router on the same cable internet service, you don't need to worry about it.

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For instance, you could use it again on your LAN or someone else could use it without issue. Well, that's just annoying. Apparently they are working on it, kinda. If you can run PFsense for a bit, I would give that a try or some other firewall distro, just to see if it works properly.

That will narrow down if it is an issue with the MAC address changing or the software itself. I guess I could pull the NIC out of the old box and put it into the new box Generally, though, you can change the MAC of a router or a computer.

Hacking Tip: Change Your MAC Address

There are many ways to change the MAC on a Windows computer. The following is the easiest way. To undo this repeat step from 1 to 4 then choose Not Present before clicking OK. Again, there are a few different ways to change MAC on an Apple computer, but the following is the most convenient. Note that you need to log in a Mac with an Admin account for this to work.

To make the change persistent, you can write a startup script with the command above. By the way, if you ever wonder what will happen if two devices are sharing the same MAC address in a network.

The answer is entirely predictable. Though extremely rare, this can take place, and I have deliberately made that happen just for kicks.

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Not good. Just pick another MAC address, there are plenty of them. The underside of a cable modem. Note its MAC address.