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  • 2 Wege: Mac Große Dateien/Ordner finden & löschen – iMobie;
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Your tags automatically appear in the sidebar. You can use vaults in 1Password to organize your items and share them with others.

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If you have multiple 1Password accounts, each account has its own vaults. To switch to a specific vault, click All Vaults at the top of the sidebar and choose a vault. Watchtower tells you about password breaches and other security problems on the websites you have saved in 1Password. Add formatting to your secure notes with Markdown. View them in rich text, complete with headers, bold and italic styles, lists, and more. You can temporarily enlarge a password to make it easier to see while entering it on another device or reading it aloud.

To enlarge a password, hover over it.

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Then click and choose Show in Large Type. To move an item to the Trash, drag it to the Trash in the sidebar. To restore an item from the Trash, click the Trash in the sidebar, select the item, then click Restore. Unlock 1Password again by entering your Master Password.

Before you get started, set up 1Password on your Mac. Learn how to use the 1Password extension. Learn more about 1Password mini.

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Searching is the fastest way to find what you need in 1Password. To search in 1Password, use the search field above the list of items Command-F. Learn more about searching 1Password.

togavarocon.tk Learn more about favorites and tags. For example, after you choose Kind, click the other pop-up menu to specify Document or Image. To add a kind, choose Other. To appear in the search results, an item must match all your criteria.

Search for metadata attributes

For example, if one criterion specifies searching for items whose name begins with S and you add a criterion to search for items created today, the search results include only items created today whose names begin with S. Tip: You can save a search to use again. Just click Save below the search field. Your search is saved as a Smart Folder.

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To be able to quickly access your search in the Finder sidebar , make sure Add To Sidebar is selected. See Create or change a Smart Folder. Most items contain metadata that describes the item contents, how it was created, and other attributes.


For example, when you take a digital photo, information such as the camera model, the aperture, and the focal length are among the many attributes automatically stored in the file as metadata. There are several other keywords that you can use to find items, such as from, to, author, with, by, tag, title, name, keyword, and contains. To use a keyword, enter it followed by a colon, then enter your search term. Add criteria to a search You can add criteria to a basic search.